Etching copper

 Here’s my first attempt at etching copper using the Edinburgh etch technique, which uses ferric chloride and citric acid as the mordant , this is a much safer technique than using acid.

If you would like to know more about Edinburgh etch click here

I printed out the design using a laser printer and transferred it by ironing on to copper sheet, which had been cleaned first.

As you can see the ink didn’t take very well in places so I went over the design with a waterproof ink marker before masking off the back and placing in the mordant for about two and a half hours.

Here is the copper after being cleaned up, the design is raised as you can see, it has a few pits in the relief but as this is an ancient Greek design it can only add to the finished piece.

I need to sand, shape, patinate and polish up the high spots now.


I used liver of sulphur to patinate the piece after sanding, it looks pretty grotty at this point.

Then I sanded again bringing up the high points.

The cuff was formed on the mandrel using a nylon hammer

Here is the finished cuff, it really is a statement piece, I have sealed it with Renaissance wax ,but I believe that patination will only add to the beauty and ‘ancient artefact’ look.

I hope to to add etched copper jewellery to my website soon.

To go to Fired Art Jewellery click here

Now I’m wondering about copper plate printing………… this space!!


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11 Responses to Etching copper

  1. Anna Herring says:

    Jill, I love blogs – I won’t always make yours, but I am bookmarking it to return from time to time. Please don’t stop posting on PPIO, because you are a treasure and much appreciated.

    Congratulations on an active and fertile mind! Happy New Year, Anna

  2. eganj1 says:

    Thanks Anna, I will still be posting on PPIO, but with something that will interest more than one group instead of posting it all in 3 places I can post a link to my blog, otherwise I won’t have time to make stuff.
    All the best for 2011

  3. Jill, This is wonderful. I love the texture on this one. BTW I wear my bracelet you made a lot. It is such a wonderful design and can be worn over a long sleeve sweater easily.

    The folded edge on this design adds to the over all texture. Great work Jill!

    Mary Lou

  4. Jane Bowen says:

    Jill, Beautiful work. You are very multi-talented and wonderful to share your art with others. thanks, Jane

  5. Scot Mauldin says:

    Great job! Jill. I like the idea of doing a blog. I’ll have to see if I can get up set up on my website. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful talents.

  6. Di Sandland says:

    Brilliant tutorial Jill – I’ve bookmarked it! I love the finished result and would wear that bracelet in a heart beat; it’s exactly my style! xx

  7. Fran Bailey says:

    Very pretty,you are a Diamond in the rough, you sharing so much,we are so lucky, you have a wonderful New Year with full of fun and surprise

  8. Hi JIll,
    Happy New Year and Congratulations!!!
    I am on this list for the past 1 year and I am a porcelain painter from Geneva.
    Excellent work.I always enjoy seeing your work.Always very innovative.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Recently I have posted video lessons on How to paint Holly leaves on the you tube.
    Porcelain painting Holly – part 1 and 2.
    Happy Painting.

  9. Jan Sims says:

    Jill, I am in love with this cuff! It is just beautiful and I am very interested in your technique. I have a question. You say you “iron” on the pattern and I’m not familiar with that process. Can you explain? The only process I know about is using the acetone on the back of a laser copy to get the transfer. Keep it up Jill. I’m excited about being on your blog.
    Happy New Year

    • eganj1 says:

      Hello Jan and all, thank you for your comments.
      I used an electric iron that you use for clothes with the steam turned off. It takes a bit of time to transfer the image, I need to work on it when i get a moment. I have to say I love wearing it and I hope to put some on my website eventually.

  10. eganj1 says:

    Reblogged this on Kiln Fired Art Blog and commented:

    I’m really busy just now decorating the studio and painting furniture, pictures to follow but in the meantime here’s a blast from the past, a post about etching copper

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