Back to playing with clay

My ceramic pieces were fired yesterday, that’s the warmest I’ve been in a while!

I had the porcelain cabochons I made recently, but  also a box with some pieces dating back to Marci Blattenberger’s visit 2 years ago. Some paperclay bit’s and pieces that are the results of my ‘ I wonder what would happen if…’ experiments. problem is it’s been so long I have forgotten what I was wondering………ah well such is life!

So here’s what I found this morning when I opened the kiln.

fired art jewelleryI’ll post some close ups and descriptions of the larger items once I’ve worked out what’s what.

Some pieces are porcelain, some are bone china and some paperclay.

Texture is my thing, and I especially love textured bisque porcelain, I’ve an idea for a range of jewellery made from textured porcelain bisque including ‘hearts and flowers’ and a seashore inspired range. All I need is time.

porcelain cabochons

textured porcelain piecesI hope to put some glaze on a few of these pieces tonight, some will be left bisque. On closer inspection probably the majority are destined as scrap but I’ve learned a few things, one is that I need to make flatter cabs , so if you can tell me how I’d be most grateful. Maybe if I don’t lift them off the plasterboard until they are leather hard will help???

And as ever one question leads to another, I wonder if I can shape some of these up using the Flatlap grinder……………… this space.


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