Copper patinas and porcelain cabochons

Choices, choices, choices!!!

I think I’m falling in love with copper, I love patinas and how they develop with time, they are definitely ‘wabi sabi’. Once I saw the possibilities for patinas on copper in Jinks McGrath’s book ‘The Jewellers Guide to Decorative Finishes ‘ I knew I had to have a go, but just now Idon’t have the chemicals so I decided to make a copper pendant and colour it with the blowtorch, then do something with patinas and chemicals at a later date.

Remember those lustre dipped porcelain cabochons that I did a while back? Well I decided to bezel set one in my copper pendant.

Click here to see my video How to decorate a ceramic cabochon


These white bone china blanks were bought from Kinver ceramics

So I set about making a large statement pendant from copper with a bezel setting, and then flamed it to colour it.

torched coloured copper pendant I thought it was finished, until I noticed part of the bezel hadn’t soldered down in one area, so being a perfectionist I had to re solder. Of course the colour would be lost but it had to be done.

I have to say I was in a bit of a hurry so it was soldered pickled rinsed, polished and torched, then before it had time to cool I applied the renaissance wax to seal the piece, and help protect the patina. Imagine my surprise when the colour started to change from vivid oil slick colours to a more subtle gold, with some iridescent colour. The result was lovely but I didn’t think it was a good combination with the cabochon that I’d already picked out, so here are all the cabs that I had lustred, which one would you choose?

The first one and the 4th one are my original choice, it doesn’t look so lovely now, I like number 6 best of all in this setting. it’s. a pity the iridescence is not showing up in the pictures but it’s there, and quite subtle




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One Response to Copper patinas and porcelain cabochons

  1. Shirley Gambrell says:

    The first one is by far my favorite, but I also like No. 3 and No. 6. I love what you are doing.

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