Spring blossom porcelain jewellery

Finally I have found my camera lead, actually I bought a new one, well 2 as the first one didn’t fit. So I was putting the new lead into my camera case, and when i unzipped the pocket there was the original one.

porcelain jewelleryporcelain blossom jewellery

So here is the spring blossom on a wild plum in my garden, it doesn’t last long as the wind blows it away .




I decided to use a cake decorating tool to make some porcelain blossoms for jewellery making.




Watch this space to see what I do with these little blossoms, I have some sterling silver wire, I’m thinking of hanging them at different lengths for earrings and pendants, or maybe daisy chain style necklace, what do you think?


I wanted to show you a test fire that i shoved in the kiln, actually there were two , but one went straight into the bin. i sandwiched some of the tiny porcelain flowers between glass, what i thought would happen, did. The glass cracked because of COE incompatibility. The other piece looked fine when it came out of the kiln but fractured overnight, shame it looked so pretty. But there’s more than one way to achieve your goal so i haven’t given up yet!

kiln fired artI still haven’t had time to wire the flowers, but hopefully soon……………..


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5 Responses to Spring blossom porcelain jewellery

  1. Mary Lou says:

    Jill, this is wonderful. I love how you managed to capture the delicate look of the wild plum blossoms. Let us know how you decide to finish this little treasures. Both of your ideas are good. I can also see them incorporated on a fiber art piece as a plum branch or as part of a mini garden. How inspiring. Thank you!

  2. Francoise, Melun, france says:

    Jill, where did you find such small cutouts ?
    It is really nice
    Francoise, Melun, France

  3. Di Brown says:

    Hi Jill I love your work, you try anything. Did you have porcelain in a slab to do this?

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