Ceramic pendants- 3 years in the making, you can't rush the creative process!

A new range of ceramic pendants handmade by Kiln Fired Art.

My design process is under scrutiny just now as I’m currently reading Betty Edwards book ‘Drawing on the Artist Within’ . This is a book about nurturing your creative side through drawing. In this book she describes the 5 stages of the creative process, the first stage is insight, the second saturation; the third, incubation; the fourth stage is illumination , the lightbulb going on, and the last stage is verification . There is sixth stage when you have exhausted your creative energy .

Some time ago I made some ceramic pendants but they weren’t quite what I’d wanted so they were put to one side, then last weekend I found them in a box when I was looking for something else, and I had a ‘lightbulb’ moment and I knew what they needed.

Actually I’m on a creative roll just now and my light bulb is going on quite a lot lately, but more of that in another post.

I decided to add some liquid bright gold to the relief texture , I discovered a great way of applying  lustre or paint just to the high points, most people would use the side of a brush or their finger tip but I have a heavy hand and usually I’d get paint into the crevices using these methods, so here’s my way……….

Wrap your finger in masking tape, this gives the finger a flat and slightly firmer surface to use to apply the lustre, and you don’t have to worry about lustre on the skin either.pendant bu kiln fired artceramic pendant by Kiln Fired Art







So here are the fired pendants, they still aren’t quite what I want for my next new range of ceramic jewellery but I’m very close. I shall make my own texture plates instead of using commercially made ones.

handmade ceramic pendants from Kiln Fired Art

copper and ceramic pendants from kiln fired art

These ones have copper on them, I like them more than the ones with gold lustre. My intention is to add a leather thong and maybe some copper beads. I need to spend more time to work with clay.

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2 Responses to Ceramic pendants- 3 years in the making, you can't rush the creative process!

  1. Charlie Dain says:

    What a great tip!

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