New pendants

It has been one of those days today, I’ve been doing the butterfly thing flitting between making and the computer. I have been so busy today. I have been list making in order to keep on top of things, a list seems to work magic and make everything fall into place even though I rarely look at them after I’ve made one.

I’ve had another trip to the post office today. Since my flat bottle cheeseboard was featured on Etsy front page I’ve had several trips to post items off to customers, thankfully the post office is just around the corner as I like to get orders off straight away.
So here are the new batch of zendoodle pendants, I have used the ceramic decals I had made, but this time I’ve added some platinum penwork. The platinum penwork doesn’t photograph very well, but it gives the pendants a nice sparkle.

I’m going to try some platinum decal over a dark painted enamel background soon.

I need to get the bails on and get these ready to go up on Etsy soon.

zentangle pendantsI have a couple of new fused glass pendant ranges , I’ll be putting them on Etsy soon.

I’ll get some pictures up here when I get a moment.

And ground breaking news I’m getting some lampworking kit for my bithday!! Yipee!!


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