Hot out of the kiln

Yesterday was a bit of a scorcher, now I never thought I’d say I was too hot in this little cottage, it’s usually freezing. But yesterday I decided to fire some ceramic pieces that have been waiting for what seems like an eternity to be fired. So on the hottest day of the year I fired my kiln up to 1200C.

Why have I waited so long to fire these pieces you might ask, basically I have been painting overglaze and glass fusing I just didn’t have the opportunity to fit it in.

Here’s my collection, there is a mixture of clay bodies including flax clay, bone china, raku clay and the much awaited black clay. I have to say the black clay results are not as lovely as I’d hoped. This is a coarse grogged clay and you can see the little flecks of buff fire brick in the pieces that I cleaned up. I do have a cunning plan though so come back and see how they go.

kiln fired art

I think my vessels look great, just how I wanted them, now I’m going to glaze the inside , but I’ll have to give them a good sanding first. I have discovered what I suspected, I definitely love playing with mud, but then I always did make mud pies and have mud fights in the creek at Blakeney.


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2 Responses to Hot out of the kiln

  1. Caroline says:

    They look great Jill, I love the fossils!

    I’d like to see the black pieces with some glaze on, I bet you’d get some great effects.

    • jille says:

      Hi Caroline, the fossils are moulds for pressing clay, or for glass.
      I originally intended the black pieces to be matt, like lava beads but then I got to thinking about using this clay for something inspired by my ‘wabi sabi’ post, with some white glazed areas. Now I’m thinking about raku glazes, so many ideas and so few hours in the day! LOL

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