First attempt at lampwork beads.

I’ve had a hot head torch since Christmas but I haven’t had time to play until today. So today was a first for me, lampworking is something I have wanted to do for years now. About an hour after connecting to the gas bottle and a box and a half of matches later we finally got the torch lit. I’m sure the flame wasn’t right but I had to dive in and have a go. here is the result, I know they are small and not so perfectly formed but I like them and will have another go tomorrow once I get some more matches.


At the same time this was going on we found a lost dog in the garden, and eventually called out the RSPCA . Thankfully the dog was micro chipped and will be reunited with it’s owner, although it was so well behaved I could have kept it.

technique a week Now I need to work out how to get them off the mandrel, any advice would be greatly received.


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3 Responses to First attempt at lampwork beads.

  1. Caroline says:

    Fantastic… well done Jill 🙂 They look great for a first go… Hope to see lots more soon!

  2. Georgie says:

    Hey Jill;o)
    They are brilliant!!!..;o))
    To get them off, grab yourself a pair of pliers and grab a hold of the mandrel just above the end of the bead release, then grab a hold of the bead with your other hand…and wriggle it free!!….do make sure you soak in water first and clean them in the water too!
    Have fun and well done you!!! Gxxx

    • jille says:

      Thanks Jo and Caroline, I know they aren’t perfect and I have a very long way to go but that’s half the attraction.

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