More beads……..

I pondered whether or not I should show you my latest lampwork bead making experience ( I’ll tell you why later), but then I reminded myself  ‘Technique a Week’ is about my learning new skills and experimenting, and maybe even occasionally pushing the boundaries, so here they are.

The black and ivory ones are Saturday’s efforts, I’ve only had about 8 hours lampworking experience, however I can see an improvement. I had a bit of a play and added some silver filings that I’d collected, the result was similar to when I tried using them with copper enamelling, a green effect. ( I used this as a representation of the Yorkshire Dales countryside for some enamelled pieces). Maybe the green is a result of using sterling silver rather than fine silver, I’d love to know.

On Sunday I made the turquoise beads, and the ivory swirly ones, the ivory beads pictured on the right have the same turquoise glass but it’s gone rather dark, again I would love to hear from you if you know why.

I’m getting better at centring the beads, as well as timing when to put them in the cooling bubbles, no dimples this time, but I did have a breakage.

I rather like the amethyst glass beads, with baby pink and soft lilac, I must write that combo down. Every time I make a bead I think I rather like the rough ‘nugget’ look so I made a couple deliberately, of course OH didn’t believe me, but I like them and can see them spaced around a sterling silver necklace .

I’m definitely hooked on bead making, I wish I’d done it years ago. I’m teaching myself, with the help of the internet and Sally Carver‘s great DVD’s . I have found some amazing work on Youtube and websites, including the mind blowing work of Kevin O’Grady, I know a lifetime wouldn’t put me anywhere close to his amazing work, check him out.

The postie has just knocked with my order from Tuffnell’s, a lentil press and some more bead release, happy days!


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