Dichroic glass on ceramics

The use of dichroic glass on bone china or porcelain is not a new technique for me, but as I know some of my blog followers probably haven’t come across this technique before I thought it would be worth posting here.

Here’s a bone china trinket box I have recently added to my Etsy shop

When fusing dichroic glass pieces to ceramic items it’s necessary to use one of the raised pastes like enamel, I-relief or non ping, these are mixed with a medium and used as ‘glue’ to attach the pieces of glass. Scrolls and dots etc can also be added with these pastes. After firing the glass rounds off nicely and the paste holds it in place. It is best to leave the piece in the kiln until completely cold so there is less risk of thermal shock causing the glass to ping off. Once fired these pastes can be covered with gold, copper or platinum depending on the desired look. It is worth mentioning that instead of leaving paste white or covering with metallic lustres you can mix in some china paint to colour the raised paste, a test fire is well worth the effort as the coloured enamel fires darker than you might think, also some colours don’t turn out as nice as others, I’ve had problems with iron reds in the past.


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2 Responses to Dichroic glass on ceramics

  1. Shirley Boesch says:

    Hi Jill: these pieces are very attractive, they should fly off your store site on Etsy. Am angious to read more about your new canal home and how you progress with all!!!!Thanks for posting all the photos as you go along on your adventures!!! SMB

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