Kiln Fired Art on Etsy, and more…..

Hello…………I haven’t been around much lately to write about Kiln Fired Art news on my blog. I haven’t posted a ‘technique a week’ in a while but things have been busy around here.

My computer has been acting up, I have been trying to get my head around using Ubuntu as an operating system; and I’m still settling in to my new house, still unpacking.

I am however still working, and trying to list daily in my Etsy shop, which is now my sole site for online sales. I made this decision as there’s just not enough hours in the day to list both on Etsy, and my websites so Kiln Fired Art, Fired Art Jewellery, Flat Bottles now have an Etsy mini gallery, and links to my Etsy shop. Now if only there was a way to choose which items are featured in the Etsy mini on each site that would be perfect.

Here are some newly listed items for sale from Kiln Fired Art on Etsy

This week I’m doing a 5 day social media course with Handmadeology  I’m new to all of this so pop back later to find out how I got on.

Also I’m preparing for Art Fest this weekend at Kirkby Lonsdale. Art Fest is part of Fork Fest, it should be a great weekend with food, crafts, and family entertaiment, lets hope the weather is dry. I hope to see you there



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