Kiln fairies and gremlins at work……

Apologies for not keeping up to date with technique a week, but there has been little time for experimenting lately.

I tried out some new stains and glazes yesterday, I could hardly wait to get up this morning and open the kiln, every morning is Christmas morning when you have a kiln.


handmade bone china christmas decorations

The kiln fairies worked their magic on these

Firstly here’s what went right, my Christmas decorations, now I need to decorate them, I left the back unglazed so people can write their own message on the back……. baby’s first Christmas….. or ….Grandma we love you! handmade, or handpainted Christmas decorations are a lot of work but they are a tradition now, I enjoy painting them each year.

Watch out for further posts to see how I  decorate them, I can’t decide, Christmas zentangles, or traditional, maybe you can help me decide, I’d appreciate your comments.

Now for the experimental pieces, some, like the bisque pieces, are fine but some are not so kiln fired artgood. It’s always fun to try new glazes and clays, you never know how they will fire. The flat pieces are mostly fine but some of the thin pieces have warped.





The nichrome wire sagged so the hanging pieces touched on the bat, and the backs stuck to the posts, I’m going to buy some rods from Bath Potters




These look fine but they stuck, next time I’ll know better.

Oh I nearly forgot to mention I put some glass frit on some of the pieces, the results are interesting.



So all in all mixed results, which will lead to more experimenting, what fun. I never see an  experiment as a failure, it’s all part of the learning curve, and keeps me on my toes.

If you have any tips to prevent thin pieces warping during firing I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for reading my kiln fired art blog.


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4 Responses to Kiln fairies and gremlins at work……

  1. Caroline says:

    Looking good Jill 🙂 I love experimenting… shame about the stuck pendants tho, they would have been lovely!

    Here’s a link to how I stack my kiln… the wire is 14 gauge nichrome. You sometimes have to ream the beads and pendants if the glaze sticks, but they come of the wire with a pair of pliers and a twist as long as you’ve not over glazed them. To stop the sagging put another layer of bricks on the top of the wires, it holds them in place better x

  2. TheFeminineTouch says:

    Love to see your xmas decorations

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