Day in the life of…………

Yesterday was a weird day, I couldn’t motivate myself even though I felt enthusiastic about what I intended doing it didn’t get done, So I’m hoping today will be better, I’m wondering where my time goes each day, I know a lot of time goes on the internet, so today I’m documenting my day in the hope of being more organised with my time, and being more productive.

6.30 am – 9.30am- breakfast and catching up with e-mails, checking forums, Etsy, packing for posting off orders, online ordering. Then a quick tidy up, washed and dressed, made another coffee, checked what’s for dinner tonight,  then down to the studio. Opening the kiln is one reason to get out of bed in the morning, sometimes it’s the first thing I do.

9.30-9.40am   Kilns opened up and contents inspected, washing put in, opened up a package with a bottle from a customer posted to me to be flattened like this one,  framed flattened bottle. Bottle put in to soak the labels off. I really enjoy making custom framed bottles as the stories behind them are full of memories, and I’m helping to preserver them for the customer.

hand painted porcelain bowl




beads from Kiln fired Art







flat bottles from Kiln Fired Art on Etsy9.40- 10.30 am Packed up another jewellery order ready to post, the printer wouldn’t print.

10.30- 11.20am  Time for a cuppa, phone calls, and Youtube




handmade by Kiln Fired Art11.20- Time to get the studio tidied up, boxes seem to be invading my space. The bottles need to go in the kiln,  and I need to decide what I’m painting today. I think sgraffito; I’m working on hand painting the Christmas tree decorations that I made from scratch, ( I glazed them last week) you will remember them if you have been following along with ‘Technique a week’. Better get to work.


11.50am The phone is ringing upstairs but it’s stopped by the time I get there, so I decided to quickly do the bathroom, grab lunch, and wait for OH’s lunchtime call.

2.15 pm. I’ve decided to forgo my walk today, I need to get that kiln on, but first a quick check of e-mails,  and I just remembered I need to order some supplies.

hand made by Kiln Fired ArtHere are today’s sgraffito’d (is that a word?) decorations ready for firing, but first I need to prepare the bats or kiln shelves.

1.21pm I have my kiln loaded now, I’m off out for walk in the sunshine before switching it on.

kiln fired art bottle








I got some inspirational pictures of these stunning red leaves.


2.09pm I finally got the kiln on, I need to plan tomorrow’s firing and decide on some projects using those lampwork beads, then order a few things. I need to plan next weeks work too as I have other commitments tomorrow. So…………. there’s bowls to paint.

4pm  The lustre bowls have had some more work done to them, they are drying on top of the kiln. Sometimes they can be done in 2 fires but I like to layer colours and feel 3 applications gives gorgeous results.

Lustres are quite stinky when they are drying so I think I’ll pack up my laptop and head upstairs for a cup of tea.


I have some jewellery to finish photographing, it needs listing in my shop but I don’t know if I’ll get that done today.

5.10pm The jewellery didn’t get photographed, I’ve been sourcing jewellery findings, beads and wire so I can place an order for next week’s work using my lampwork beads. Ideas are starting to form in my head. I can’t work without a picture in my head.

5.30 pm Well it’s time to think about dinner, upload then add some pictures to this post, check for online sales, and e-mails, then call it a day.

It’s now 6.35 pm, I’m quite amazed at my division of time, a lot of it is spent sourcing, ordering and networking online. Having said that , I have several pieces of work ongoing, most pieces need more work on them next week. I also know what I’m making next week, fibulae and other lampwork jewellery pieces. I shall be painting hares as well , always a favourite with me. Also I have ideas for those red leaves.

Well I better go and check out if I have any sales or e-mails before I switch off the computer. Why not monitor your day and see where your time goes and how productive you are, I love the freedom of being self employed, don’t you?

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4 Responses to Day in the life of…………

  1. Glenda says:

    It’s been good reading about your day!! I love the picture of the leaves – very vibrant! I have been thinking alot lately about my time management – and how I must be failing at it!! I seem to be busy all day and yet achieving very little! Im going to document my day too – and then some analysis!! ha ha x

    • jille says:

      Hi Glenda, it’s surprising how many artisans say they are spending a large proportion of their time online, it’s not just about making. I’ve noticed i do little bites of making interspersed with online tasks, it’s good to break things up a bit then it’s not such a chore. I’d love to hear how you spend your time throughout the day, why not post a link to your blog so we can read about it?

  2. Lisa says:

    Very interesting post! Its the first time I’ve seen flattened bottles, they look fab!

    Lisa x

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