Christmas ornaments, finally hand painted!

Christmas decorationI finally got the Christmas ornaments  handpainted. If you have been following technique a week you will have watched the birth of these Christmas decorations from raw clay.

hand painted by Kiln Fired ArtPersonalized christmas ornaments






Hand painting is very time consuming as it’s painstaking work but here they are, I’m in the process of listing them in my Etsy shop.




Handmade, hand painted Christmas ornaments, or use as a gift tags / name tags. One of a kind, the back is unglazed so you can write a name or message on the back using an ink marker pen.

These Christmas decorations are just waiting to become part of someone’s Christmas tradition.


Black, white, red and gold, a classic combination.

Christmas decorations, handmade and handpainted Matt white , mother of pearl lustre and gold, classic elegance.
christmas decorations hand painted by Kiln Fired Art“These Christmas decorations are truly a labour of love, I start with bone china clay which is shaped , fired, glazed, fired, then painstakingly hand painted using red and black overglaze enamels and real bright gold, the piece is fired at least twice during the painting process.
These look stunning on the Christmas tree, or on the table, but my favourite is to use them as very special gift tags which can be hung on the tree once the gift is opened.

Each Christmas ornament is boxed as they are little treasures, personalize them and give to your children and grandchildren and they will be part of your Christmas traditions for years to come.
Maybe you have family living in England or Europe, I will send directly to your family with your short message hand written on the back i.e.’ love from Grandma’, at no extra charge. I will also add a short note from you with the Christmas decoration if requested so please don’t forget to let me know when you order.”

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