Porcelain freeform vessels finally finished

I’ve had quite a busy morning trying to finish off a few pieces started a while back.

I decided, as I’m feeling rather tired due to a duck quacking on the canal at 3am , I’d take  pictures of some finished pieces of work that were part of earlier posts on ‘Technique a week’.

First the freeform paperclay bowls, I rather like these and so they have found a place in my home, I’m sure some will find their way onto Etsy one of these days.

These kiln fired art pieces were inspired by underwater worlds, seashells, rockpools and marine life, I can’t wait to play some more with this theme. I might even make some jewellery.

The outsides are are textured bisque but I glazed the inside, I used mother of pearl lustre to create that shell like look.




This piece has glass added to the glazed surface to get the rockpool look.










I love the way the glass crazes, it gives a depth to the piece, rather like gazing into the sea




I have more finished items to come so watch out for the next instalment from Kiln Fired Art.


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2 Responses to Porcelain freeform vessels finally finished

  1. georgie says:

    Jillie, they are lovely!!…years ago I got a beautiful pair similar to yours from a lady in Canada….they were taller sided and were tealight holders…so pretty!!..;o)

    • jille says:

      I thought I’d use them for tea lights Georgie, i have made small tealights with things pressed into the clay so the light picked up the textures

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