The Yorkshire jug…..

….yes it now has a name.

kiln fired jugI have bisque fired the large jug, it’s the first slip cast piece I’ve made. I had to fire it to 1200C which is a bit nerve wracking as so many things can go wrong, it could explode if it’s not dry or has trapped air in it. So I very tentatively opened the kiln; the anxiety soon turned to joy. I actually can’t remember feeling so emotional over a piece, I felt I’d given birth ha ha!


This piece isn’t perfect but I have grown to love it, so this one is a keeper, it’s mine. I think I have stroked it too much that I’ve bonded with the piece, even though it’s not really my stile. And I’ve named it so how could I part with it?

I have moved around quite a bit, and made pieces over the years that represent the places I’ve loved living. This jug has a wild rose emblem so it’s very worthy of the grand title ‘The Yorkshire jug’.

So now I need to decide on a glaze colour, I think semi opaque will bring the relief to life, possibly a deep blue or turquoise. Come back soon to see how I get on glazing the jug, I’ve never glazed anything this size before and I’ve had much smaller items stick to the batt and  even break in the kiln. It’s nerve wracking , this kiln fired art, but that’s part of the attraction for me.

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