A year in review

It’s a year since I started ‘Technique a Week ‘ on my blog, as a way of documenting , sharing and motivating myself, exploring and learning new techniques and developing techniques I’d already tried out.

So in theory there should be 52 posts about new techniques. Of course there are times when life gets in the way of plans, I moved house in August and I’ve still not fully sorted out the studio, so let’s see what I’ve blogged about in the past year.

etched copper cuff from Kiln Fired ArtThe etched copper cuff was my first post, I’ve worn it a lot and it has developed a darkened patina. It’s lovely to wear. I have added a range of copper jewellery to Kiln Fired Art on Etsy.

The copper and bronze clays were fun to play with, I wish I knew where I’ve put the finished pieces as I need to add the findings and get them listed in my shop.

Note to self …….must make some more copper cuffs and pendants and hunt out those pieces.

Drunken bottles, haven’t made it into my shop,  I can only make one at a time, and because you can’t predict how they melt means they aren’t worth the trouble. The flattened bottle cheeseboards are still a best seller, and the framed champagne bottles have proved very popular too. Some of the stories have been very romantic, and one rather moving story: the beer bottle was the last bottle of beer drunk by the client’s Dad before he passed away.

I even sold a flat wine bottle to a young man who thought his Dad was drinking too much, he thought a flattened wine bottle might make him take the hint.

On the ceramics front I recycled an old plate, I’m still waiting to re glaze the jewellery cabochons and the jug. I tried out quite a selection of clays and I’m getting a feel for which ones I like best, these experiments will continue over time. I’ve explored clay jewellery making, translucency, texturing and more. My friend has always said I’m a latent potter, I think she I right.  I will explore glazing and raku next year. I’ll be working on ceramic jewellery ranges as well.

High fire enamelling on copper is something I have plans for, next year I hope to introduce a new range of landscape inspired enamelled copper jewellery. It’s in my head just now.



Hand painted china

Plate after firing

Zentangles on ceramics and glass have been an amazing success, and who would have thought the decals would have caused such a fuss. As they say when one door closes another opens, this has certainly been true on this occasion, I haven’t looked back. More news on this front next year, I hope to take decal production on to new levels. Also personally I’ve been very inspired by Grayson Perry’s use of decals.


Photography continues to give me a headache, listing on Etsy is all about good photo’s, now I must dig out the camera manual and READ IT!

fused glass tilesThe glass workshops were a lot of fun, seeing people’s faces when they see what they have made is a joy. I will be planning more workshops and classes next year . I have just made some teaching pages for overglaze painting and I’ll be teaching regularly in the canal side studio and in The Lakes next year.


porcelain and textilesFelting felt good LOL! I wish I had more time for textiles, I hope to get involved more with the textiles community next year, after all it’s where I came from.




Lampwork bead making has been such fun, I have a long way to go to master it all but I’m loving it, I’m tempted to run off now and make some beads. I’ve even sold some beads and one of my outlets wants some stock. So I won’t bore you any longer.


Thanks for reading over the year, your feedback means a lot to me. I shall be back with new techniques next year, but for the next 2 months Christmas sales are my priority, that doesn’t mean I won’t be posting a few pictures of work that I’ve managed to finish off, as and when.

Oh BTW I checked and there are 54 posts including this one, not all technique related but you know what happens to good intentions 😉


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