It's that time of year again

It’s long now until the Christmas fairs begin so I’m finishing off preparing my Etsy shop for the holidays while there’s still time. I’ve even made a seasonal shop banner to add in a week or two.
I’m listing newly finished handmade jewellery and fused glass items almost every day right now. I have copper and bronze pendants, lampwork beads, dichroic glass pendants, and zentangle pendants spread out all over the dining table, I need know exactly what I have to order to finish these pieces off. It’s typical that some of the beads and findings I already have in stock aren’t quite the look I’m after so that means ordering more.

I’ve had a bit of fun deciding which beads to add to the wine bottle stoppers, I think they look great, but I need to make a couple more beads to finish them off. I’ll post some pictures when they are finished.

I’ve loved packaging up the Christmas tree ornaments, hours of work have gone into these, they are one of a kind. I think they are perfect for building on the family Christmas traditions, decorating the tree with your children and grandchildren. I don’t have little ones around so making these ornaments has been my part in the festivities. I will be using them as gift tags on my presents because you can write on the back of the ornament.

christmas ornaments 001


christmas ornament collage1

christmas ornament collage2


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