Building on techniques

This weekend I’ve etched some copper (for making cuffs), with zentangle designs, and then I had one of those ” I wonder what would happen if I just…..” moments. So I etched said zentangles onto a couple of copper jewellery blanks and had a go enamelling over. I believe the technical term is basse taille.

All I have is a yukky purple transparent enamel, or super soft flux so I opted for the latter. High fire technique with super soft flux is a bit unpredictable but you often get nice golds greens and reds, but it’s very easy to go too far and the whole thing goes black.

I quite like the rather aged look of these but I want a uniform colour so not to distract from the design

So I must get some transparent enamels for copper and have another go, basse taille here I come 😉


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