Seeing hares everywhere

I just wanted to say hello to all my blog readers, I’m so busy just now I’m finding it hard to find time for blogging. I’m working away for the Dickensian market, and I’m also getting lots of online sales, I feel like a pig in clover, the joy of being self employed.

I have one kiln on already this morning, I’m making glass cabochons for dichroic glass earrings. Also a Secret Santa gift, which has to be hush hush, and I’m painting a hare bowl like this one for a customer in Warrington.
hare bowlI’m painting lots of hares just now,they are my favourite subject at the moment, I’ve started a vase which might make my shop , if it doesn’t go before I have a chance to photograph it.

Talking of hares, if you are like me and love wildlife have a look at Anna McDade’s work on Etsy. I love Anna’s jewellery, I’ve longed for a piece for some time now, I hope Santa is listening, I’ve been very good…………. LOL….


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