A bit of nostalgia

One of the wonderful things about my work is when I get up in the morning I never quite know what inspiration I will find, or where the day will take me. This morning I discovered a wonderful vintage haberdashery shop on Etsy called Overspill, I simply had to buy some amazing buttons which I’m going to use to texture my clay beads, well that’s the plan anyway.

Tailors chalk from Overspill on Etsy

I’m sure you have all experienced seeing something that in an instant transports you to another time, a fond memory of the past, well today when I was looking at Caro’s shop I was instantly transported back in time, rummaging through my mother’s sewing box and the button tin. The shape of the tailors chalk fascinated me, and those curious suspenders that were saved just in case they could be used for a repair, and somehow got put in the button box.



These items are for sale in Overspill’s shop, click here to go to the Etsy shop

It’s not the first time thoughts of the button box have inspired my work, a while back I was asked to paint something for the ‘World Organisation of China Painters’, based in the USA , here’s the story ……………..

The Sewing Box.

My mother was a dressmaker, and I have fond memories of growing up surrounded by beautiful fabrics, wedding dresses and ballroom dancing gowns. I loved making something from the scraps, and rummaging through the sewing box and button box. I knew she kept a notebook full of sketches from the ’50’s when Dior’s ‘New Look’ was all the rage. So I decided to paint a retro inspired piece, some kind of vessel to represent the sewing box…………..

Then it came to me, why couldn’t a sewing box be made from porcelain?

My ideas evolved, I decided the box would depict images of sewing notions, patterns, fabrics and ’50’s fashion. The duck egg blue, black and red colour scheme is reminiscent of the time.

I did a few sketches and test fires and then I finally had the complete picture of ‘The Sewing Box.’

This was another very emotional journey for me, someone asked me how I could part with this piece. I’ve lost my mother and my cousin to breast cancer and this piece was auctioned at the World Show, it raised a significant sum of money for a breast cancer charity. I intended painting another similar one for myself but I still haven’t got round to it.

sewing box 008

sewing box 013

sewing box 001


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2 Responses to A bit of nostalgia

  1. wendy says:

    Hi Jill,
    I just love your imagine and wonderful artistic talents that have been developed from childhood right through to present day. Thank you for sharing – when I see world press in my inbox I can’t wait to open it and see what you have been doing and how you have done it!

    Thank you,

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