Zentangle heart pendant – Valentine give away

Heart pendant- Valentine give away!

And the winner is…………………….. Polynana!

Congratulations to Polynana and thank you to everyone who took part :0)

heart pendant - Valentine give awayI have decided to give away a zentangle heart pendant on St Valentine’s day. This is a gorgeous porcelain heart pendant with black and white zentangle transfer design. The pendant has a different design on each side and is reversible. Two pendants in one!



Heart pendant - Valentine give awayJilldoodle ceramic transfers  were made from my own original artwork. The pendant has silver plated snake chain, and comes in a little black velvet pouch. It will be similar to those in the photographs, but not necessarily the same as I may have used a different part of the decal sheet.


heart pendant - valentine give awayTo enter the draw all you have to do is leave a message at the end of this post telling me what’s your favourite item in Kiln Fired Art  Etsy shop. You may also wish sign up to my blog using the box on the right so I can contact the lucky winner

The  draw will be made on Sunday 12th February and the winner announced.

Click to go to my Etsy shop

Good luck!

all rights reserved – Jill Egan


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11 Responses to Zentangle heart pendant – Valentine give away

  1. Tan says:

    Yum yum and yum. But cruel, so cruel, how can I choose one wonderful thing in your etsy shop?

    If pushed wtih the tip of a soggy banana I would have to choose your beautiful zentangle cuff

  2. Vic says:

    Beautiful heart pendant, and my favourite in you ETSY shop, well everything but if you really pinned me down it would be either the Chicken mug, or the Copper fern pendant.
    Just lovely 🙂 x

  3. sayit says:

    What a lovely pendant. I’ve just subscribed to your blog. Not seen it before, but saw a link in the Folksy forums.

    You have an amazing shop. I really like the flat bottle spoon rest and the Zari cubic zirconia glass pendant, but I think my favourite has to be the zentangle dandelion vase.

  4. polynana says:

    This is my favourite but honestly could have chosen loads more.


  5. Ruth says:

    So glad to have finally found you! I love the pendant and my favorite is the copper fern pendant and the dandelion vase, if I had to choose, but really I like it all. I enjoyed reading your posts on PPIO and then you disappeared. Glad to find you again!

  6. polynana says:

    Well I did post the link, honest guv, but here it is again anyway.

    And just in case, it’s the beautiful blue/ green fused glass pendant

  7. polynana says:

    I LOVE the pendant so much, I wear it a lot and get so many great comments on it.
    I tell everyone where they can find the artist, they are so interested in how you’ve added the design.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having this giveaway and allowing me to own one of your pieces of art. Mwah!

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