Kiln Fired Art is having a makeover

Starting with my photographs

One of the topics on Etsy recently has been about making your shop more cohesive, and seeing yesterday was one of those days where I wanted to stay cosy and warm inside  I decided to work on my photography skills.

I’d been pondering all week how to make my shop more cohesive, it seems to me the only way (because I make a such wide range of items) is through photography. I decided a simple background would be best, I like clean shots without distractions,  I think props  for my shop photo’s would just make things look too busy. Some shops use props to great effect but I have decided on simplicity, I’m hoping that variety in my shop content will prevent my shop contents from looking too similar.

I decided to try a range of pale blue/aqua backgrounds to tie in with my shop banner, then maybe using darker blues for my silver jewellery. I’ve always had problems photographing silver but since a recent change to a black background I’ve noticed a lot more item views for my silver bangles. Photography is the key to successful online sales in my opinion, a picture says a thousand words.

I spent a good deal of time getting to know my camera settings, adjusting the aperture, and using the vivid colour setting meant I could save a lot of time by not having to brighten up my pictures in photo editing software, instead all they need is a crop.

I chose a multicoloured dichroic glass pendant to see how  the various colours would look on my backgrounds. I won’t bore you with the first few pictures, getting the settings right but here are my best results on various backgrounds.











I had a poll on Facebook and interestingly everyone agreed with my own thoughts, the white background looks best. From my shop point of view this is great, white will work with most of my pieces. and a white background tends to get items featured in front page treasuries more often.  My only concern is getting great photo’s of my silver jewellery, I think darker backgrounds work best, but that’s for another day. I now have several new freeform dichroic glass pendants ready to list on Etsy this week, as well as some dichroic glass earrings, and I do think my new pictures look better than earlier listings.


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2 Responses to Kiln Fired Art is having a makeover

  1. 1wen says:

    Hi Jill,
    I have been trying to buy a pair of earrings from your Etsy shop but it tells me it won’t post to Australia. Previously I bought a lovely necklace with earrings set from you on Etsy and there weren’t any problems. Can you please go in and check your settings – especially for the earrings that have a rainbow effect on them.

    Absolutely love your website and following your blog … my painting friend and I have learnt so much from you and are in awe of your talent. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

    Warm regards,

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