Fibula brooch pins- a contemporary take on an ancient design

Fibula brooch pins- a contemporary take on an ancient design

turquoise green and copper brooch pinI’ve had quite a busy week this week, painting lustre bowls, making clay beads and I eventually got round to making some of my lampwork beads into necklaces and fibula brooch pins.

So I thought I’d share my inspiration for the fibulae with you this morning……..






handmade beads on a copper pin………A fibula is a pin or brooch used to fasten clothing since the Neolithic times, the forerunner to the safety pin really. The name fibula is of Roman origin.

amber beads on a copper shawl pin





When I started lampworking last summer there was an archaeological dig going on near my home town, the area was once occupied by the Romans, and several artefacts were found including a Roman bead. This filled me with enthusiasm to investigate further and I decided that the fibula was still a fabulous piece of art jewellery that has so much design potential, and they look fantastic today worn in shawls, scarves, wraps, cardigans, sweaters and even hats.


Sterling silver fibula pinI made some brooch pins in copper and some in sterling silver, using metal and ceramic spacer beads between my handmade lampwork beads. They are truly unique, there will never be two brooches the same. I really enjoyed making these, I love everything about the process, from making the glass beads to forging the pins. I have a few new ideas for pin designs which I shall work on for the future.



I love the way one new skill added to those already learnt leads to a myriad of creative ideas, I just wish I had time to make them all.
I made some necklaces as wellHere’s one of my beaded necklaces, most have gone off to the gallery with some of the fibulae but I have kept a few of each to add to Kiln Fired Art on Etsy.


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  1. Izzybeads says:

    They are beautiful x

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