Wildlife paintings- and my hare paintings

rabbit.jpgWildlife paintings- and my hare paintings

I was wondering what to blog about today, my experiments bead making this weekend have been pretty uneventful, and I spent all week painting pieces for my shop. I seem to be spending a lot of my blog time talking about  new Etsy listings, like my new hare vase and bowl. This got me thinking about how my painting style has changed over the years.

I love nature and wildlife, as a child I spent a lot of time on my own exploring the countryside, studying the frogs, newts, water voles, rabbits, hares, birds and plant life in the countryside surrounding my home. The Observer books borrowed from my brother were my only companion. I spent a lot of time in the evenings drawing and painting animals so when I started overglaze painting it was only natural that I’d want to paint wildlife.

hare.jpgLike many wannabe painters I studied and copied the masters to learn, as a lover of native wildlife I taught myself to paint animals by copying from the book Thorburn’s Mammals. After all these years I still have these tiles tucked away in a box in the loft, as they are copies I would never sell them, and they are part of my journey.

fox.jpgI learned how to use my brush in a certain way to create fur textures, I still have a range of doctored brushes with half the bristles cut off, or brushes not normally used for overglaze painting, like hog hair brushes for oils. Not forgetting sponges and my trusty piece of loofah.



hedgehog.jpgI often use cocktail sticks and twigs as wipe out tools for scratching into the paint, I used a rubber wipe out tool for  making the spines on the hedgehog.





I still have an affection for these paintings but I’m equally pleased and fascinated that I’ve now found a painting style that is my own. Here’s my new hand painted vase, it’s overglaze enamel, lustre with platinum penwork detailing on Limoges porcelain. I shall be listing it on Etsy later this week. I know more hare paintings will follow.

hare vase from Kiln Fired Art

I do love this vase, my style is much cleaner, and more contemporary.

Something happens to me when I paint wildlife, there is a connection between the artist ( me ) and the subject which grows as the painting progresses. The more I paint wildlife the more I want to, so my painting next week is going to be a little owl on a flat oval vase, I took these photo’s at Muncaster owl sanctuary a few years ago. I only wish animals would be more obliging and sit for me, I get foxes, stoats and squirrels in my garden sometimes but I never get a photo of them.
Muncaster etc 042

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