Spring is here and it's all go in the studio.

Spring is here and it’s all go in the studio.

kiln fired artThe weather has been amazing here the past few days, I’ve been working outside on the balcony, and I’ve had a bit of interest from passers by on the tow path. I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be waving at passing boats while I paint in the sunshine.

skipton canal
The ducks must be nesting as there aren’t  many about, the basin was very duckless when I had a walk along the canal last night, the swans aren’t around either, I’m looking forward to seeing ducklings soon, I’ll let you know when the first ones appear.


This is my busiest time of year, I’ve 3 big art fairs coming up, today I was checking how many bowls I need to paint, probably 40 will do, yikes. Where will I find the time, as well as vases, jewellery etc. I have been working on it for a while now.

Little owl painting on a porcelain vaseHere’s the little owl vase, it has been well received by those who have seen it.

It was suggested to me that I make some lower priced items, so I’ve just taken a delivery of 2 boxes of smaller pieces.  I’m looking at the various image transfer options for making my own decals, probably using a laser printer to create a sepia image. But as I’m so busy it’s not going to happen this month, but I’ll keep you posted, I’m going to try acetone transfer as well, the key to success is using toner with iron in it. There’s such a lot of scope with decals made from your own artwork if you are creatively minded, I have loads of ideas already. I just watched a video on using them creatively on greenware, some parts burn off other places the glaze comes over the decal, the edges can leave a line in the clay, it’s all very interesting and worth exploring further. Who knows where my new adventure will lead me, watch this space……..




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2 Responses to Spring is here and it's all go in the studio.

  1. Wendy says:

    Hi Jill,
    I love your beautiful owl – can you tell me how you did the wood pattern either side of him please … did you pen and paint or use another method? It certainly is beautiful! Will you be selling any of your painted items of Etsy?


    • admin says:

      Thank you Wendy, it’s lustre, I just paint on patches of different colours then make them run into each other with a bit of thinners on my brush. I’m gradually adding some pieces to my Etsy shop
      I will be adding owl pieces and the ‘Seeds and leaves’ range that’s on my website, as well as handpainted zentangle pieces. And the new items with transfers but it will probably be after June before I get round to it.

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