Why Kiln Fired Art loves Etsy

I’d just like to wish all my blog readers a lovely Easter, I’m off to a fair for 2 days, lets hope the weather improves.

I’ve been selling on Etsy for almost a year now so I thought I’d tell you why Kiln Fired Art loves selling through Etsy.

You are not alone on Etsy – I’ve tried several ways of selling online, with Etsy you are not on your own, you have great support from Etsy staff, as well as the support of your teams. Basically you choose to join teams, then you can get involved by asking questions, support and promote each other . It’s through teams that I’ve learned how to do things on Etsy. I’ve learned a lot of helpful business stuff too, as well as the nerdy, like SEO.

Etsy has a great feature where you can track statistics so I can see how I’m improving my shop and getting found. Getting found is still the hardest part of selling online, when my bowl made the front page of Craftcult last weekend my likes went through the roof for an hour.

Here’s a gorgeous treasury made today by Obsidianrain and featuring my copper cuff bracelet


I still have my websites  Kiln Fired Art , Flat Bottles , and Fired Art Jewellery  which I can easily link to my Etsy shop using the Etsy mini app. I hope one of these days they improve the app so I can choose which items I want to show but until then you may find melted bottles in my jewellery store.This app works on Facebook pages so you can have your Etsy store on your page.

Here’s another app from Craftcult that allows you to add your Etsy just about anywhere.
I’m my next post I’ll tell you more about one of my favourite teams called Craft Pimp


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