Spring has arrived

I noticed yesterday that the trees are predominantly green now and there are other signs of spring on the canal, including a lot more boating activity, more waving at passing narrow boats, and these little darlings, the first ducklings on the canal.


Having said that it’s still cold and there’s still snow on the Pennines. I can feel a chill today so I’ll have to wrap up before doing the raku firing.

IMG_3341IMG_3343So today I’m trying to do the raku firing, and paint some aluminium for cuff bangles. These are made from anodised aluminium sheet which I cut, colour, boil to seal the pores, then finish and form into beautiful bright cuffs and other bright jewellery.



I also need to make some glass beads this weekend so it could be quite a long shift today and tomorrow morning, then tomorrow afternoon I’m going to see my friend Nicola at a craft fair, she makes the most amazing bags, I’ll have to tell you about those later.



Edited to say my apologies for publishing before I’d finished writing, I must have it the wrong button.

The raku firing is done, the colours are subtle but there are some beautiful pieces. Raku is definitely my ‘thing’. I’ll have to show you another day as they are back in the kiln to keep the colours. Now I need to clear up and think about tea before I light the torch and get beading.


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2 Responses to Spring has arrived

  1. jolene says:

    Those ducklings are adoreable, so jealous of your studio! xx

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