Making moulds for clay jewellery

I thought I’d post early as I’m trying to utilise my time more efficiently this weekend, if anyone knows how to squeeze extra hours out of the day I’d like to know. Today I have got up an hour early to get some things done.
The month long fair starts today so I won’t be around much, it’s times like this when I wish I had a bigger kiln.
My intention is to have a day off this weekend, well more like a busman’s holiday really as I intend playing with some clay.

Last weekend I found time to start off by making these textured moulds using bits from the garden, seashells and fossils. Some are made from clay and the blue ones are silicone putty. I’m going to use them for making ceramic and metal clay jewellery components.



I think I may have gone wrong with the clay ones as I should have made the slabs bigger. Having spent last Sunday afternoon making these I got a link during the week from Ceramic Arts Daily using the same technique for slab building, you can see it here.

My moulds will be in need of a clean up and firing before I can make something with them, I really want to start experimenting with glazes and underglazes. I have the whole of June and July off to recharge my creativity battery so it will be time for some play, watch this space.


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