New website on the way

Well now my spring events are over it’s time to start listing new items on Etsy, as well as building my new websites, I changed host to Weebly, for a technically challenged person who doesn’t want to spend hours building websites Weebly seems just the ticket.

What seems to take me ages is getting good photo’s, here’s my copper leaf jewellery range and tell me what you think of the website layout, I like the clean lines but wonder if it’s too clinical.

Got to dash as there’s a Jonny Depp film just starting on TV.

Here are some flattened bottles that I listed on Kiln Fired Art Etsy shop  today


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2 Responses to New website on the way

  1. Di Sandland says:

    Jill – I love the look of the site. And the photos are superb. What on earth are you worried about!

    • eganj1 says:

      Thanks Di, I thought it might be a bit cold and clinical. Weebly is great for folk like me, it’s a real time saver and a vast improvement on my last site builder. i look forward to seeing your new site soon .

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