If the table could talk

Having spent so much time focused on the art fairs and gallery I decided to give myself June and July to catch up on housework, websites, Etsy. But the one thing I’ve been longing to do is get playing with new techniques so I’ll be sharing some of the good, bad and ugly in the next few weeks.

I also want to get fitter and lose some weight, so I decided giving the house a really thorough clean might count as exercise so the plan is to clean in the mornings and play in the afternoons.

if tables could talk

So today I made a start on what my builder called the garden room. I’m not sure what to call it as it serves so many purposes. While adding a coat of beeswax polish to the table I began to think of everything that that table has seen, it still bears the battle scars from having her legs used as a scratching post, and it has a faint tattoo from homework when someone forgot to put the cover on, as well as a multitude of scratches, a couple of glass rings when the wine flowed too freely and some puncture wounds from pinning curtains. Each mark tells a story and brings back memories. It has hosted so many family gatherings and meetings of minds with friends, putting the world to rights over a bottle of vino into the early hours.

I have used this table for so many craft projects, stained glass, painting, curtain making, felting, ceramics, glass, you name it . I’ve held workshops around it, and learned at it. What would I do without this sturdy workhorse I wonder, it’s a part of our family history.

table being used as a workbench

The first picture shows how she, (yes I’m sure this table is a she, as so much has been born out of it) looked after a loving wax, this is how she looks now, I’m about to start playing with my latex moulds and some metal clay. I’ll post some pictures soon, and let you know how the diet and housework exercise works out later in the week.


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