Table talk take 2!

table talk take 2I gave the utility room a going over today, as you can see it doubles up as the kiln room and my “torcher chamber”. This little table that I use for bead making also has a history, it’s an old CWS (which I believe is the CO-OP) Utility piece so it’s post WW2. It’s very basic, and the drawer has a flimsy sagging bottom. My Grandpa acquired this table from a local secondhand shop known locally as Steptoe’s. Gramps was always finding treasure in this shop, you never knew what he would be bringing home,  and I was just thinking how he would have loved  Ebay.

He had a tiny kitchen and this table fitted in an alcove, it had dark brown legs and sticky back plastic on the top, not very exciting at all, but on Wednesdays 5 of us ate lunch squeezed around this table, and even more of us on Sunday tea time. When I got the table I had it dipped and stripped and found it had a solid mahogany top which means it doesn’t mark easily, which makes it a grand work table.

Once I got my housework/exercise out the way I decided to start cutting some glass fish, to hang in the corner of the garden room, I’ve wanted to make this for ages but I’m not sure exactly how it’s going to turn out, I think I want understated, but I’m thinking maybe they will look better painted.

They need a bit of grinding but it was too cold today.

swimming with the glassy fishes

I’ve made some copper and bronze clay bits as well, and some porcelain ones, they are all drying waiting for sanding and firing. Pictures to follow.

I have a confession I’ve opened a bottle of cider, not good for the diet I know. but my stir fry was so hot I had tears rolling down my face, that was one hot chilli!

cooking for one

Tomorrow I’ll show you my clay bits, before they are fired.


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