Clay jewellery bits and a shoal of sardines.

I did get round to grinding the fish yesterday, and I have the cuts to prove it! I hate working with gloves, it’s like I don’t feel connected to my work with gloves. So having ground all my fish to make matching pairs I then decided to keep them as singles and drill them. Now they are fired I think I’d like them more in pairs so they are going back in the kiln today with wire loops for hanging.

If you follow my blog you will know that a little while back I made a plaster mould to make a bowl  ( remember my hand was almost set in a bucket of plaster ) So last night I decide to work on and try making a bowl using the mould. I had intended slip casting but as I wanted to press hosta leaves into the clay I thought I’d try it out by rolling a slab. It was a disaster, so I sat up ’til the early hours making beads , nothing was wasted and the clay was just the right consistency for bead making.


And while I was at it I did some follow up experiments from a glass fusing course I did years ago, fusing leaves between glass. More in a later post.

Not bad for a day’s play, AND I spring cleaned the kitchen!

Here’s the copper and bronze clay pieces from the other day.

And the clay greenware made in my moulds.

BTW the housework and diet are paying off I’ve lost a couple of pounds in 3 days.


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2 Responses to Clay jewellery bits and a shoal of sardines.

  1. loving your new blog Jill. I looked in at the Eskdale show and thought your ceramic pendants and glass stuff were all lovely.

    • eganj1 says:

      Thank you Ann, they did tell me someone from IOW who said they knew me had been in. it took 2 days for me to work out who it was. I love your website, I’ve moved to Weebly too, it’s great

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