Thoughts on the weather and my ceramic beads

I paid a visit to Skipton castle yesterday, I’d been before, a long time ago but all I could remember was the courtyard with a beautiful tree, and a view looking down on the canal . Having revisited I realise why I have kept those memories, the courtyard is charming and the tree was just asking for a hug. The courtyard was incredibly peaceful, I could Imagine ladies of the past feeling that same sense of peace and security within the castle walls.
skipton castle 102

Yesterday was very humid, needless to say it rained, it goes without saying it’s turned into a typical English summer. Then I reminded myself that’s why everything is so green and lush, and so beautiful.
skipton castle 106

skipton castle 110

Things would look very different without the summer rain that seems so plentiful this year.

I came back to open my kiln and at first I was a little disappointed with the results of the glaze test fires, until I realised it wasn’t that the beads weren’t fine, just my expectations had been different to the results. My beads have taken on soft subtle earthy hues, which for someone who is mostly inspired by nature that’s what one would expect.

beads 001
I can see these beads looking great in some jewellery combined with silver, copper and some of my lampwork glass beads. I have been working towards this jewellery which combines all the skills I’ve been learning over the past few years, something that is really personal and speaking in my voice. The copper clay pieces are in the kiln now, it’s a great feeling when it all starts coming together. I’ll let you know how it all works out.


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2 Responses to Thoughts on the weather and my ceramic beads

  1. LOVE your beads Jillie….I want to make ceramic beads….;)

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