Poppy watercolour and zentangle cuff – in my Etsy shop

I’ve started listing aome new items to Kiln Fired Art Etsy shop, preparing for the C word. I find it hard to believe that my first fair is just 3 weeks away.

My work has gradually taken over the house, I’m now working in 3 different rooms until I decide whether to build a studio, there’s a lot to consider before commencing.

Summer seems to be well and truly gone, I can’t believe it’s over 3 months since I was on holiday, in Norfolk, I found lot’s of poppy photo’s on my memory card that I’d forgotten about. i know poppies are meant to symbolize sadness and loss but they always make me smile. It’s awhile since I painted with watercolour but I intend to get back into it one of these days, maybe start a group or teach. Here’s a poppy watercolour that I listed on Etsy last week.

contemporary flower painting

Also I did some copper etching last week, this time my zentangle design, (the same design that was made into ceramic decals that I use on my zentangle pendants and mugs). This copper zentangle cuff looks rather nice, don’t you think?

etched copper jewelryThere’s a copper zentangle pendant in the making as well a a few more new jewellery pieces,  anodised aluminium cuffs, silver shell necklaces, porcelain zentangle pendants , and more, but they aren’t quite finished yet.

And before I go I’d like to say hi to the porcelain painters across the pond who have been looking in on my blog posts of late. Why notsay hello, I’m happy to answer your questions relating to my ‘watercolour’ technique for china painting 🙂


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5 Responses to Poppy watercolour and zentangle cuff – in my Etsy shop

  1. ~Patricia says:

    Hi! – from across the pond! I enjoy seeing your beautiful creations!
    ~Patricia in Maryland, USA

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