My first handpainted lampwork bead

my first handpainted lampwork beadI gave in yesterday and had a bit of an experiment, my first handpainted lampwork bead. It was done in a bit of a hurry and it’s not well painted but I’m really pleased with the outcome. I wanted to see how well the glass enamel covered and how it would fire, concerned that my bead would start to sag, but it didn’t.

I have rather hurriedly written up a PDF with instructions, you can download it here.

All the materials for painting can be purchased from Held

Now it has occurred to me that all my years of china painting knowledge can be translated to painting glass beads, I feel a couple of e-books coming on, techniques for painting glass beads, and painting on fused glass. Watch this space


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3 Responses to My first handpainted lampwork bead

  1. Helen Wright says:

    That’s beautiful!

    • Julia says:

      That’s brilliant Jille. I knew you would have something about it here. Can I use any glass enamel powder if I get the medium? I have loads of enamel.

      • eganj1 says:

        Ooh I’ve logged in from my kindle. I have emailed you Julia, you will need low fire glass enamels that fire to 560c so you don’t melt your bead. Try just using water, it should be fine for the technique you want to do. I’ve got to get round to painting more beads, i ihave some sitting on the mandrels waiting

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