Metal clay workshop

workshop7workshop4Every year the NWR ladies group come round for a craft night, we only have a couple of hours and some of that time involves chat, tea and delicious cake eating so it keeps me on my toes trying to come up with new projects. They have made glass coasters, glass dishes, dichroic pendants, and painted mugs in the past. This time they made metal clay charms, once dried I fired and finished the charms, I gave a choice of finishes and optional extras like chains. Interestingly a lot went for the brushed satin finish so I’m taking note of this trend.

Kiln Fired Art metal clay workshop
I forgot to photograph the copper pieces so these are in an unfired state.

I think everyone had a great time ad I’m looking forward to more workshops in future.


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2 Responses to Metal clay workshop

  1. Francoise BRIQUET says:

    Hi Jill,
    I receive all your post with so much pleasure. Those small pendants are beautiful

    • eganj1 says:

      Thank you Francoise, it’s lovely to hear from you. The ladies did a great job with these pieces, they are small and quite fiddly to make. I will have to dig out the mugs the painted and write a post about them.

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