Carnation manderin cream pie – a bit of nostalgia

With all these cookery shows on TV like ‘The Great British Bake Off’ and Hairy Bikers ‘Mums Know Best’ I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic in the kitchen, so I got out Mum’s cookery book, the old tattered one with bits of paper with hurriedly scribbled recipes, and cuttings from magazines, you know the sort of cookery book I mean especially if your Mum liked baking.

So I thumbed through and found a recipe for snow cake, one of my favourite cakes, but then a piece from a magazine fell on the floor, it was  a Carnation milk recipe from the 60’s or 70’s, my brother and I loved this one, I was allowed to make it as a child, it’s very easy so I decided to give it a go for pudding tonight. So here goes.

mums recipes 006

mums recipes 007
Basically it’s crushed digestive biscuit base with half an orange jelly made up to 1/4 of a pint and left to cool,  then whisk up a small tin of evaporated milk and stir in the jelly and a tin of drained mandarin oranges. Keeping some back to decorate the pie.
mums recipes 010This may not be a sophisticated cheesecake dessert, but I’m trying to lose weight ( I used a sugar free jelly and less biscuits in the crust) but we loved it as kids and I’m sure my family will enjoy it tonight, and it might get rid of my craving to devour a white chocolate cheesecake.

If anyone knows if this recipe was from the 60’s or the 70’s I’d love to know, I think it goes back to the 60’s. I also think jellies had more colour in those days my pie looks a bit on the pale side compared to the one in the photo.


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6 Responses to Carnation manderin cream pie – a bit of nostalgia

  1. Looks delicious Jillie…love old recipes..;o)

  2. Jill, the first thought springing to mind when I saw the old clipping: “OMG, how thick is that crust?!” Back in the day, we never worried about how many calories went in, we were so busy burning them playing outdoors til it got dark (especially as children pre-computers). What a great memory to see the old clipping with the Carnation tin. Wish I’d saved more of Mum’s old cut-outs… Evaporated milk recipes are still popular here in Eastern Canada, though I am likelier to buy one of the many generic brands available. Do you remember the fudge made with marshmallows and chocolate bits? I think Carnation still prints that one on tins!

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