New silver jewellery in time for Christmas

A little while back I showed you the stash of silver jewellery I was working on, well I’ve spent the past week finishing and pricing for the Christmas craft fair, pop up gallery and of course my Etsy  shop.

So here’s some of my new sterling and fine silver pendants and charms, I have some earrings and more silver items too , if only photo editing wasn’t so time consuming I’d show you it all.

Silver shell pendants and charms

These fine silver shell pendants or charms are made from silver clay, they are made from a real shell from which I make a mould. These include cockle shells, a dainty pointed shell and a spiral shell. I have used a variety of finishes as I discovered from the bit of market research that I did with NWR ladies that the satin finish was very popular, although my personal favourite is the oxidised finish as it shows off all the detail of the shells.
shell pendants

Landscape and texture inspired pendants

These pendants are sterling silver and hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay Office, they were all inspired by nature and textures I find when I’m out walking in the countryside. The stones are carnelian, the colour is very attractive and as I was making these in Autumn that’s probably my reason for choosing this stone, if it had been springtime I’m sure my choice would have been different.
Landscape and texure pendants pendants

Leaves and fern pendants

Ferns and leaves a a reoccurring theme in my work, the ferns actually grow in the stone wall outside my house, these pendants have an oxidised and brushed finish. These pendants remind me of fossils as the leaf has left a lasting image in the metal.
leaf and fern pendants

Hearts and flowers

What woman doesn’t love a bit of romance, these dainty hearts and flowers pendants and earrings are the perfect way to say ‘I love you’ this Christmas, romantic but understated, and the perfect gift for her Christmas stocking!
hearts and flowers


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