Zentangles, clay and the stamp maker

I had a day off from gallery work to play yesterday, it’s been a long time coming as I got this Imagepac stamp maker in the summer and it’s the first time I’ve gotten round to playing with it.
stampmaker 001The first task was to print my  drawing onto special paper making sure it was dark enough, I managed to print on the wrong side first time round and got my hands covered in black ink, fortunately it cleaned off the paper and my hands with some meths.

So I followed the procedure given in the instructions and ended up with these stamps, I was surprised how quick they are to make, even with a power cut during the curing process, but fortunately nothing was spoiled. I think you can just about see the detail but I think I’d like a little more depth to get a more defined design, these look ok but a bit more depth to take the glaze would be great.

my stamps

So here are my pendants and beads ready for cleaning.
zentangle clay beads
zentangle clay pendants

I can see that these stamps will have so many uses in my work, I’ve some little sketch ideas floating round mt head that will be turned into stamps to use with overglaze enamels, in clays, and more

I can’t wait to get round to a glaze firing next week, the Yorkshire jug is still waiting patiently to be glazed.


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4 Responses to Zentangles, clay and the stamp maker

  1. Laney says:

    Lovely Jill. I don’t know how you find the time to do everything! I am still wanting to play with enamel painting and not had a minute!

  2. Time…the “magical” word….Jillie, they are amazing!!..well done you!..;o)

  3. eganj1 says:

    thanks ladies, I have loads of ideas for these, stamping on glass, porcelain and aluminium maybe. Laney I don’t have woofits and chooks to look after

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