It’s been a strange week

It’s been rather a strange week this week, both my kilns are out of action and I need to make some serious decisions, so I’ve had a week of enforced rest from firing and I’ve felt rather like an addict coming off something . Well it wasn’t as bad as when I gave up coffee and had a dreadful headache.

I’m not entirely sure the lack of a kiln has done my hands any good as I’ve been on my computer more, listing more stock on Etsy, I’ll show you some in a minute.

I must try and get the platinum penwork lesson up so the poinsettia tea light holder will be ready for the holidays, at least it will fit in my little Paragon kiln. The worst thing this week was delaying orders but it is out of my control, the good news is I will have one kiln mended and I’ll be back in business on Monday. But the ceramics and glazing I’d planned will have to wait until I can fire to stoneware temperatures once more. I’m sure I’ll be purchasing a new kiln in the spring, that’s really going to push me into building a workshop and that depends on how well the shops are doing.

Here’s some newly listed pieces this week, click on the images for further information. There’s a lot more new items in my shop and I’ll continue listing next week.

Fused glass dish with real ferns

fused glass dish

real ferns fused into this glass dish

Dribbled lustre bowl

kiln fired art

handpainted lustre bowl

Artisan necklace

kiln fired art

Artisan necklace entirely handmade by me from clay, glass and metal

Sterling silver earrings

handmade sterling silver jewellery

hammered oxidized silver earrings

Cockle shell necklace

shell pendant

silver cockle shell


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