Something to sprout about- sprouting seeds

I thought I’d tell you about a new health thing I’ve gotten into, sprouting seeds. Apparently sprouts are very nutritious and as I’m on a health an fitness regime just now I thought I’d give them a go .
seeds 002The first lot were fenugreek seeds and I thought as they are used in curries, and they have that distinctive smell, they may have a curry taste as well.

So the seeds were soaked in water overnight, then rinsed and drained several times a day. I took the simple option, no sprouting trays needed, I used a jam jar with a piece of muslin held in place with a rubber band.

seeds 003I’ve always enjoyed growing things and these were no exception, watching the roots and shoots grow reminded me of my infant school days, growing a broad bean in a jam jar on blotting paper. I found sprouting these fenugreek seeds almost as fascinating as I did when I was 5 years old. Yes I know I need to get out more.

After 4 days on a sunny windowsill I had a jar of sprouts. I was initially going to put them in a salad but changed my mind after tasting them. I’d describe the taste as similar to raw fresh peas, only with a bitter after taste, and a slightly lingering nutty, well, fenugreek taste. Not unpleasant but I wondered if cooking would improve the flavour so they went into a stir fry with some other vegetables, garlic and miso paste.
seeds 004

The flavour didn’t really improve and no they didn’t taste of curry, although I did detect the faint aroma of fenugreek, but I could have imagined it.

I’m growing sunflower seed sprouts today, and I’m going to try red clover and broccoli too, I’ll let you know which taste best in another post. But I have to say I felt my stir fry was doing me good as I ate it, but who knows!


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2 Responses to Something to sprout about- sprouting seeds

  1. Purple Cobwebs says:

    I love sprouting lentils and chickpease. Really tasty!

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