The first day of spring – painting hellebores

HeleboresIt’s the first day of spring today, and it is cold, we had snow yesterday. So I had to remind myself  spring really is here with a quick walk around the garden. The birds are very active, and I noticed my hellebores were looking the best I’ve seen them. I think they take a while to establish themselves.

And here’s a painting that hangs on my bedroom wall which I painted a couple of years ago, it’s painted on an ordinary ceramic tile using overglaze enamels. It’s framed behind glass so there are some reflections unfortunately.
Helebores painting

I can’t believe Easter and my first spring fair are just around the corner, I need to get making, I’m multi-tasking today, finishing dichroic glass jewellery, etching copper cuffs, finishing lampwork and metal clay earrings, and I have bottles in the kiln. I’ve lots to do!

Enjoy your day.


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