Soup of the day- Chilli bean soup with avocado salsa

soup of the day- chilli bean with avacado salsa

An easy recipe for delicious soup

This soup is from the BBC Good Food Soups and Sides book available from Amazon. This is the simplest soup in the world, and both myself and my daughter were in agreement, it tastes delicious. I love the contrast between the spicy soup and the cool refreshing salsa.

Once again I changed the recipe a bit, I didn’t use oil or add creme fresh, mine was simply a chopped onion, garlic, tinned chilli beans in sauce, tinned tomatoes, a fresh chilli and vegetable stock, I did add some chopped red peppers and a touch of smoked paprika too. The salsa was made with what I had in the fridge, with a squeeze of lemon juice.

This recipe may be on the BBC Good Food website but as I’m writing I can’t find it, it may have a different title so it would be worth searching for. I think this is my number one soup just now, it’s amazingly good, even without the salsa and can be made from store cupboard ingredients , a great dish for students maybe.


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