Work in progress- lustre bowls and other things

At this time of year my work takes over the house, it’s all go. I’m preparing for several art events, and the gallery show has gone well and I’m now supplying the shop. Last year was busy but I have two additional events this year which is great.

work in progress lustreware Here’s today’s offering to the kiln, lustre bowls. The platinum outlines have been painstakingly applied with a mapping pen and either gold or platinum lustre.

kiln fire dart I keep the lustre in contact lens cases, precious metal lustres are very easily contaminated and ruined. They are so expensive you don’t want this to happen so never dip into the bottle directly so if it does get contaminated it’s only a small amount. As you can see it’s a brown sticky treacle like mess that smells disgusting. It has to be thinned to just the right consistency so it flows from the mapping pen. Too much thinners and it spreads too much. It has to be as Goldilocks said, “just right”.

wip 004 And here’s some dichroic glass cabochons which will be made into earrings. Due to popular demand I shall be adding clip on dichroic earrings to my stock, as well as studs and drop earrings.


And lastly before I go back to work, I was asked to be involved in a rather exciting project using locally mined iron ore as pigment. As I’m always up for an experiment I threw some in the kiln on a bit of glass, the colour fired beautifully. Being iron based I expected to lose some colour at the very least. I think I might add some flux to it, more about the experiments later!

wip 003
And I’ll post the finished bowls once fired.

Have a good day whatever you are doing.


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One Response to Work in progress- lustre bowls and other things

  1. Sue Reynolds says:

    Beautiful work, as always. It amazes me how you create such lovely things with stuff as mucky looking as that!

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