Orchids – work in progress

wip 2nd fireorchids wip 012wip 1st firewip, 1st firewip 2nd fire
orchids wip 015orchid vases 001orchid vases 021

Orchids – work in progress, a set on Flickr.

It’s been a mad week as I’ve been working 16 hours a day, I have a few events coming up soon, and the good weather brought people out last weekend, which left a hole in my stock levels which was very nice.
I did re stock the gallery on Thursday including these orchid vases which were still warm when they left the house.
I’m working on jewellery just now so hopefully I will get some photos up soon.

Here’s a better look at the finished vases.
orchid vases 008


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3 Responses to Orchids – work in progress

  1. OMG…very pretty Jill!

  2. Susan Swint says:

    My mom (93) is here for a long visit, giving me lessons in painting china, and I stumbled upon your Octoberblog while researching some problems encountered in painting blue-and-white. What a treat! Your animals are so delightful–are the hares penwork? We have finally found some pen oil that I actually enjoy working with: Kathy’s Pen Paint (Katherine Austin, 26532 Foamflower Blvd, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544, 813-907-6169). She was demonstrating at the Intl Porcelain Arts convention when it was held in Texas two years ago. Mom loved your orchids…her porcelain art group painted pillow vases for awards for the state orchid society, life-sized orchids on satin black background. I am not that good yet…maybe ever! Mother’s aunt and her father’s great aunt (working around 1890-1920) were both porcelain artists and she was given all their supplies. Some of those old pigments are a genuine adventure, and the blue I am trying to use is not going on smoothly, hence my detective attempts this morning. We enjoyed the cooking and needlework adventures, too. While painting, we are also dealing with a glut of unbelievably deletable tomatoes from plants that just won’t quit. Also try grated zucchini, sauteed until beginning to brown in a dab of olive oil, tossed with hot rotelli or farfelle pasta and 1 tbsp (per serving) creamy goat cheese with roasted tomatoes. Chopped fresh tomato also, optional. I’ll have sympathy pains with you now that I have to forego my late afternoon cheese snack for weighty reasons :).

  3. eganj1 says:

    Hi Susan, nice to hear from you. Blues can be problematic, sometimes it’s difficult getting a shine on them, try firing hotter, or an underfiring of Anne Clein’s pink glaze might help with shine. Or they can be gritty, try grinding well with your palette knife when mixing. If all else fails give up and buy a new blue, the contemporary pigments are finely ground and less trouble, your dealer should be able to recommend a blue to you. Have fun and say hi to your mom

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