Soup of the day- mushroom and white bean with sage

mushroom and cannilini bean soup I can’t believe it’s still so cold, it’s still soup weather. I got a large box of mushooms very cheap yesterday so I’m making mushroom soup, usually I like it creamy with a bit of creme fresh in it but I want to make this a healthy soup, so instead of thickening with cornflour and adding creme freshe I’m adding a tin of canelini beans.

Firstly I sweated the chopped mushrooms, chopped onion and 2 cloves of garlic chopped, in a dry pan until the juices started to come out of the mushrooms, I put the lid on and left them on a low heat to soften. Meanwhile I soaked some dried porchini in boiling water, I don’t usually have these but I was given some as a gift. Once everything was softened I added a vegetable stock cube, the porchini soaking water, (but not the last bit as it may have grit in it from the mushrooms), the chopped porchini, seasoning and then poured in some skimmed milk and added a tin of rinsed cannelini beans and some chopped sage from the garden. I let it simmer for a while, then blitzed with the hand blender and checked the seasoning. For me cooking is not an exact science, it’s about tasting and adjusting a recipe .

The verdict , this is not as comforting as a creamy mushroom soup but it’s a good substitute, and once I have reached my goal weight I might swirl in some half fat creme fresh, and some crumbled crispy grilled pancetta on top would be delicious.


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