Customising clothes to fit

I’m going to a ‘do’ in a few weeks and I need a dress, I don’t get the opportunity to wear dresses very often so I had a look in the sales and found one I liked. But when it arrived although I loved the linen fabric, and how well the dress was made, (it has french seams and well made pockets) the A line style was not how it looked on the internet and it wasn’t very flattering either.
So the old sewing machine came out, and after some alterations I have a dress I’m happy with.
Fitting it was a bit of a challenge as I didn’t have anyone here to help, so I put it on inside out and pinned down the sides as best I could, then when I took it off I adjusted it so both sides were the same.
The dress has a side zip, just to make things complicated, I thought about removing the zip and just pulling the dress on but decided if I wanted the dress more fitted this wasn’t a good idea, I got stuck getting it off after tacking the sides.
Here’s some step by step photos of the alterations

I unpicked the zip leaving the top stitched in place as I wasn’t going to alter the bodice just the skirt
sewing 002

Then I trimmed off the excess fabric, this is the point of no return
sewing 003

Then pressed the seam open ready for the zip.
sewing 004

Then tacked the zip in place
sewing 006

I zig zaged the edges before sewing the side seams
sewing 007

Then stitched the zip in place
sewing 011

And here is the finished dress, a wearable bargain after a little bit of effort.
sewing 012


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4 Responses to Customising clothes to fit

  1. says:

    A beautiful dress Jill and such a lovely summery colour too. I hope you have a fab time at your ‘Do’.

  2. Sue Reynolds says:

    Jill, you are a woman of many and varied talents – the dress looks great after the makeover. Have a great day out:)

  3. Jo says:

    Great job there Jill, your dress looks super

  4. Mary Lou says:

    This is a gorgeous dress Jill. That color will be flattering for you to wear. Enjoy your event,

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