Wearing and caring for copper jewelry

copper jewellery

Copper bangle patina before wearing

I love copper jewellery, in particular the way it wears, how the patina changes with time, it’s almost as if it has a life of it’s own. I’ve been wearing my copper bangle constantly now for over a month to see how the patina would be affected with wear. Looking at the before and after photo’s you can see it looks much the same as it did when I made it. It has showered with me, I’ve bathed in the sea, washed dishes, gardened, worn sun tan lotion, insect repellent, perfume and hand cream. I have noticed some changes in the patina, darkening at times then brightening again, there was even a hint of verdigris green on the ammonite for a while, and on a particularly hot day at the beach I had a faint green mark on my skin, but that’s the only time I’ve gone green.

copper bracelet

copper bangle after wearing constantly for 5 weeks

The Japanese have an aesthetic principle(s) of Wabi Sabi, which describes the beauty an item acquires with age (amongst other things), I suppose rustic goes so far to describe Wabi Sabi , but it means more than that. Copper jewellery shares this aesthetic, I believe it becomes more beautiful the more it’s worn but if you decide you want to bring back the bright copper shine to the high points on your copper jewellery just rub it with fine wire wool then wax it again with Renaissance wax, or beeswax polish would probably work too.

Copper jewellery is said to have metaphysical properties, the ancient Egyptians used copper to purify water, it is used in wound dressings, and it’s said wearing a copper bangle will ease the aches and pains in people with arthritis. I’m skeptical of this claim but I have to say while I’ve been wearing this copper bangle my hands and arms haven’t ached as much, but that could be down to other factors like the warm weather. Only time will tell, but I have no plans to stop wearing this gorgeous copper bangle, I love it.

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