My felted hat and neck warmer experience

Felted hat and knitted neck warmer, something for me

felted hat and neckwarmerI haven’t picked up a pair of knitting needles in30 years, but I was prompted to try making something for myself, that I truly wanted by a challenge on the Craft Pimp forum.

It took me quite a while to get my head around making something just for me, then I remembered that I wanted a pair of felted slippers, but more about those in another post. Then I found a knitted hat and scarf pattern using Drops Eskimo yarn. I ordered the wool from Woolwarehouse and it arrived the next day.

hat and scarf I was eager to get started, and once I remembered how to cast on it all came flooding back to me. I’d chose this pattern as I knew it would grow quickly , and it wasn’t long before the first ball was knitted up.

About 3 hours later I had a finished hat.

It took a little over the two balls suggested by the pattern. I should have known something was up, it was too large, more ‘Eddie Grant’ than I’d expected.

hat and scarf 044So I decided to felt it, after about 10 minutes rubbing I thought it would be worth putting it in the washing machine to save my arms a bit. So it went in on 40 degrees.

hat and scarf 047I panicked for a moment when it came out the washing machine, it looked so small, but it was quite soft and malliable so the next task was to shape it , I had made a felted beret 30 years ago and this was the part of the process I remembered.

hat and scarf 048I shaped it over a plate

hat and scarf 049Then stuffed the band with a rolled up towel and left it to dry, then brushed it with a nail brush to fluff it up a bit.

hat and scarf 052And here it is, it’s perfect, exactly what I’d wanted, even if it did come about by chance. More Benny Hill than Eddie Grant!

I decided to knit a neck warmer instead of a scarf. Both were knitted using the same stitch so you can see what felting has done to the fabric. I have some wool left so I’m going to make some fingerless gloves, and there’s the felted slippers to come. Oh, I’m going to make a fibula pin to wear in my hat to give it a bit of my own individual style. I love it!

hat and scarf 002


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